Never in my life have I been in love with social media, or even technology for that matter. Growing up I always remember my dad telling me stories of how he grew up on a farm, and I couldn’t help but compare his stories with his friends to the one’s I had of my friends and I. Why is it that the majority of the laughs he had with his friends come from each other and the things they did, and now a days, our laughs come from something we see on social media that has gone viral? It honestly makes me with I grew up in a different time period.

That is exactly how I viewed social media before I came into this class, as simply a secondary social life that one lives through a computer, phone, or tablet, and that something takes away from out interpersonal communications and can be damaging to a person’s social abilities. So when I saw I needed to take a Technology in Public Relation and Advertising class, I was worried because I’ve never enjoyed working specifically through a computer. I imagined the class fairly accurately compared to how it has turned out to be. There has been a large amount blogging, social media activity, studying analytics and seeing how it all will play a role in our possible future.

At this current juncture, I would be lying if I said this class reassured me in my major choice, because quiet frankly, it has been the farthest from that. I’ve actually contemplated to fact that I might want to switch majors. But there have been a few new aspects to social media that this specific class has opened my eyes to. Most people have been told to watch what they post to social media because business can find it when looking for potential employees. Also, most people are aware of the common website know as LinkedIn that is specifically for networking and a business profile. Those were the only two correlations I was able to make prior to this class, know I am aware of what goes on behind the scenes with all the analytics and analysis of when is the best time to make a post on social media, what city is the product most popular in, and  able to monitor responses from a companies followers. These numbers need someone to decode them, so in a way, it is creating jobs. Companies hire people to run and analyze their social streams on medias like Facebook and Twitter.They have even become more personal with their interactions with their followers with responses that are more relative and direct with the use of QR coding.

The thing that this class has given me the most concern about, is the fact that the media and technology is always changing. It isn’t exactly a secret, but to think about how adaptive someone must be in order to be successful in a career, such as one that is relative to what this class teaches, it worries me that I might not be cut out for this. There’s no question that technology is advancing, and it seems like there is a new item everyday that is projected to be woven into our everyday lives. Also, who knows when the next new social media website will be invented. I had to make every social media website this class (CAP 105) requires us to have and basically learn them all, Facebook being the one exception because we haven’t used it too much. But these things worry me, and I’m not a fan of where were are headed as a population. I honestly think, one day, we will end up like humans from the Disney Movie Wall-e. Maybe that will never happen, I surely hope never in my lifetime, but this class has shown and solidified my stance on technology and social media.There is too much of it for my taste, and I’m not knocking those who have these jobs, I know I’m swimming a bit upstream when it comes to the popularity of technology and social media. It is just not my scene, but it is the world in which I am fortunate enough to live in and regardless of whether or not I apply to get a job in this field or even stick with my major, none of this will change. Tomorrow the majority of the human population will wake up and check their social accounts first thing and inventors will be brainstorming ideas for new devices that I will one day be likely to purchase.